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Units of the Brazilian Unified
Health System (SUS) use
Duosystem's platform


Emergency dispatches
carried out from 2009
to date


Admissions recorded
from 2009 to date


Appointments scheduled
from 2009 to date


Exams scheduled
from 2009 to date


On urgent-care dispatches
related to the flu-like Syndrome (Covid-19) in 2020


users registered in the app
intended for sorting and guidance
of patients with suspicion
Covid-19 from 2020 to date


accesses in the app for screening
and guidance of patients with suspected
Covid-19 from 2020 to date


On scheduling
medicine collection
in the app from 2019 to date


On using the apllication to
schedule medicine collection
from 2019 to date

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Duosystem is a technology company specialized in health intelligence and innovation and developer of a pioneering operating platform currently used by SUS priority-dispatch centers in Sao Paulo, Goias and Mato Grosso do Sul.

Founded in 2006, Duosystem has operated heavily in the market with a system that allows healthcare units to maintain real-time contact with physicians and technicians of the bed-management center and is expanding its coverage to include the international and private markets.

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Duosystem Consulting

Technological strategies for best management practices and return on investment in healthcare

  • They allow for the monitoring and dispatch of urgent care, outpatient care, beds, and pre-hospital service.
  • They facilitate real-time communication between healthcare units and the priority-dispatch center.
  • They provide reports on the dispatch-process management.
  • They help monitor the indicators of resources made available by the healthcare units.
  • They promote preventive operations regarding data security and storage.
  • They ensure a system available on a 24/7 basis.
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Healthcare Software Solutions

Projects developed and managed
by information-technology experts


Duosystem’s platform is a pioneer in providing a medical priority dispatch system, whereby it is possible to order and qualify the service flows by focusing on the optimal use of the resources available. It is structured around four different areas of care (Pre-Hospital, Urgent-Care, Outpatient, and Beds).

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The management solution offers the follow-up, monitoring, and examination of contracts, bank transactions, agreements, and programs using specific indicators, goals, production, and economic and financial data. Situational indicators and management reports as well.


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Duosystem’s product is a teletriage and telemedicine service that has an algorithm to support diagnosis and medical conduct, enabling the patient to receive guidance, be referred to health centers and/or reference specialties, and request diagnostic tests.

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The application is inspired by the Mobile First concept and is one of our digital-platform products. The app was designed for users to have information in the palm of their hand in a safe way. It keeps their health data and is integrated with other Duosystem’s systems.

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Duosystem’s streaming platform delivers quality, interactivity, and engagement of the target audience by means of the video-content management to advertise the management bodies. It is composed of three strategic pillars: Content management, display, and intelligence.

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It is a mobile application developed by Duosystem which allows patients to schedule date and time for picking up medicines in pharmacies. Easier, more convenient, and comfortable, this app makes the process more effective and queue-free. Check out our medication app.

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