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Duosystem is a leader in the health
technology and intelligence market

Duosystem is a leading technology company specialized in health intelligence and innovation. Playing a leading role and delivering efficiency, it offers medical management and priority-dispatch solutions for public or private customers and focuses primarily on the patient.

Currently, the bed-management centers of the Unified Health System (SUS) in the states of Sao Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul e Goias are some of the units that have already been employing Duosystem’s technology platform.

The company is continuously expanding its operations to new Brazilian states and municipalities and to other countries as well.

How we act



To offer intelligent and innovative solutions to ensure access to healthcare.


To be recognized as one of the leading intelligence companies and focus on enabling delivery of the best healthcare experience in Brazil and other countries.


  • Objectivity
  • Consciousness
  • Self control
  • Simplicity
  • Joy
  • Ethics
Duosystem - Tecnologia e Informática

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Denilson Mascarenhas

Duosystem CEO

Denilson Mascarenhas

Duosystem CEO Denilson Mascarenhas holds a degree in mathematics from the State University of Rio de Janeiro and an MBA certificate from IBMEC. He was VP at Citibank, director at HSBC, CIO at Ponto Frio, and COO at Banco Sicredi and Technisys.

Corporate Governance

The exercise of Corporate Governance at Duosystem is based on the principles of transparency, ethics, and responsibility towards our customers, employees, and partners.

Our commitment to the guidelines established through our inner values, policies, and standards supports our activities and services required for the company’s operations.

The organization considers Good Corporate Governance to be a fundamental element for the development of Duosystem in the market.