Duosystem expands its services to provide the best healthcare-oriented technology experience

Press Releases . 12 . September . 2018 . Written by: Roberta Leme
Specialized in health intelligence, the company developed a pioneering medical priority-dispatch-system platform and is already operational in the states of Sao Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Rio de Janeiro.

Duosystem, a technology company specialized in health intelligence and innovation and developer of a pioneering operating platform currently used by the bed management centers of the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS) in Sao Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul, decided to expand its services. It will focus on new technologies and strategies, both in the public and private sectors, to ensure the best healthcare technology experience.

Founded in 2006, Duosystem created an innovative platform geared to the medical priority dispatch system – a system that allows the healthcare units to maintain real-time contact with physicians and technicians of the bed management system, thus expediting hospitalization procedures and scheduling of medical appointments and outpatient exams.

The method allows for the monitoring and application of the priority dispatch system to bed management, pre-hospital dispatch, urgent care, and outpatient services by optimizing resources and adopting clinical protocols. The information generated in the system ensures the production of reports, which provide the manager with the best decision-making conditions to allocate the available resources. Today, + 4 thousand healthcare units of the SUS use Duosystem’s platform.

In the state of Sao Paulo alone, the platform is used to mediate the annual scheduling of 9.4 million medical appointments, 6.4 million exams, 1 million hospitalizations, and 421 thousand urgent-care and emergency dispatches. The database has 23.5 million patients, that is, more than half the population of the state.

Since 2017, Duosystem has been operating in Mato Grosso do Sul as well, where it employs the same technology of the bed management center in Sao Paulo. The first step included the implementation of the urgent-care dispatch system based on the current database of 230 thousand patients and 38.4 thousand annual calls. The next step includes implementation of the outpatient priority-dispatch system of SUS of that state. The base is expected to eventually have about 2 million patients.

The company also has a solution that helps in the processes of decision making and healthcare-unit control. It facilitates monitoring and following up contracts, agreements, programs, and projects by establishing indicators. In Rio de Janeiro, for example, some of the Social Organizations (SO) that provide services to the municipality use the company’s platform to render accounts of its activities.

On another front, Duo opened an office in Mexico, where it negotiates contracts in the public and private sectors, and it also made the first contact with other Latin American countries, such as Chile and Paraguay.

Two other Brazilian states are in the final evaluation stage for use of the platform through the priority-dispatch system centers. The company’s projects are managed by teams of interdisciplinary experts trained to use modern techniques and system-control tools, thus ensuring high levels of solution and reliability.

“After the successful Sao Paulo experience, we have reached a new level with the aim of taking health intelligence and innovation solutions to other Brazilian states and municipalities. We also have an internationalization strategy,” points out Duosystem CEO Denilson Mascarenhas.