Duosystem´s Solutions


It is a mobile application developed by Duosystem which allows patients to schedule date and time for picking up medicines in pharmacies. Easier, more convenient, and comfortable, this app makes the process more effective and queue-free.

Presently, the application is being used by the Government of Sao Paulo to optimize the scheduling of medicine collection in high-cost pharmacies.

These are the main features:

  • Scheduling and rescheduling date and time for medicine collection
  • Scheduling a pharmacy visit
  • Renewal of the application for receiving medicines
  • Notification of medicine unavailability
  • Integration with different platforms for medicine control and distribution
  • Georeferencing to find pharmacies
  • Location confirmation via georeferencing or totem sign
  • Queue-number management and distribution


– Reduction of queues and crowding in pharmacies

– Patient’s increased perception of comprehensive care

– Assurance of medicine availability

– Quicker and more convenient medicine-distribution process

– One-to-one service as a result of the medicine-collection scheduling, thereby ensuring continuity of care

– Escalation of health care