Duosystem´s Solutions


The mobile app is inspired by the Mobile First concept and is one of our digital-platform products. The app was designed for users to have information in the palm of their hand safely and quickly. It keeps the users’ health data and is integrated with other Duosystem’s systems.

The solution allows the monitoring of your health, including tips and notes that are important for medical monitoring. It can be used for various patient support activities, such as scheduling, confirmation, and cancelation of medical appointments and tests; sharing of health data with an HCP; health promotion and prevention initiatives; and evaluation of the health-center services.

These are the main features:

  • Recording your health history, such as comorbidities, continuous medications, allergies, blood pressure readings, capillary blood-glucose and weight monitoring according to the Body Mass Index
  • The platform can incorporate other Duosystem’s products, such as medicine-collection scheduling, teletriage, and video-streaming applications
  • Integration with the priority-dispatch solutions adopted by health centers, HCP, and patients
  • Sharing information with the health-care professional
  • Scheduling of outpatient appointments and tests
  • Scheduling management (confirmation, cancelation, rescheduling)
  • Appointment history
  • Viewing and monitoring of calls by the Dispatcher
  • Chatbot assistant
  • Evaluation of the service provided


– Constantly-updated user database

– Record of users’ health history

– Simplification of scheduling, confirmation, and cancelation processes for medical appointments and tests

– Access to the evaluation of the services provided by the health system

– Adoption of a patient-focused, collective health strategy

– Prompt priority-dispatch process