Duosystem´s Solutions


The product is a teletriage and telemedicine service that has an algorithm to support diagnosis and medical conduct, enabling the patient to receive guidance, be referred to health centers and/or reference specialties, and request diagnostic tests. This algorithm can be parameterized according to the protocols of good practices for the different types of diagnoses and medical specialties.

Currently, the teletriage platform is configured to cope with the novel-coronavirus pandemic as it identifies and classifies mild, moderate, and severe flu-like syndromes.

These are the main features

  • Access via web or mobile app
  • Recording of signs and symptoms through a questionnaire completed by the user
  • Information on health prevention and promotion
  • Prior analysis of signs and symptoms by an algorithm
  • Evaluation and conduct of medical specialists as per the Ministry of Health’s protocols
  • Communication with reference centers
  • Registration of the patient’s admission into the reference centers
  • Georeferencing with a map of nearby health centers
  • Integration into the priority-dispatch system of states and municipalities; big-data, streaming, and business intelligence solutions


– In the novel-coronavirus pandemic, reduced overcrowding of health centers and exposure of people to the risk of spread and contamination

– Escalation of health care

– Reduction of the cost of facilities for in-person care

– Guidance to the people, according to the flows and protocols of the official agencies